Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Corruption in India : Inevitable or Can be Eradicated

Corruption is an endemic ailment of political & public sector in India. It’s prevalent in every level of hierarchical structure of political sector. Corruption has become an essential characteristic of political & public sector, so it can also be termed as a billion dollar industry. Corruption might seems as inevitable due to its endemic nature but it can be eradicated by amendment in our law & order as well as our social life. 

Every day, the media columns are filled with corruption charges on politicians. Corruption in India knows no limit from 100 crores Bofors Scam to 1.7 lakh crore 2G Scam & recently brought up by media, 2 lakh crore UP Foodgrain Scam displays untrust worthiness of our politicians & government officials whom we vote to rule us. In Foodgrain Scam, it has been found that thousands of government officials were involved who barred the reach of food supply to needy people. The no. of culprits is so large in this scam that even UP jails can’t accommodate them all. Particularly, this scam exposes the intricate networking of the corruption & corrupt people in our government.
In some ways, public is itself responsible for corruption. If the common public refuses to pay bribe & raise his voice against corruption, then corruption can be easily thwarted from our society & country. Our law & order is also proved to be ineffective in ousting corruption. The judicial bodies investigating scams can’t work independently & are easily influenced by the government. If the culprit gets caught he or she resigns from his or her post & that is the usual punishment they get for their heinous crime that may have cost someone’s life.
Although, corruption seems to be inevitable in India but it can be eradicated by educating & spreading awareness among people about ill effects of corruption in our society & economic progress. We also need to revamp our laws in order to punish the culprit which can be seen as deterrence for others. Corruption must be eradicated from our nation to achieve democracy in true sense.

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  1. its unexpected that govt will ever pass any rule to stop corruption coz it wont cut out its own leg...